Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Richard Shoyemi: Trends Remixed

People who criticise fashion for being a monolithic dictum of the style elite get short thrift at my door. After all, most people who call fashion followers sheep are actually still wearing this or last season's trends with a watered down high street flavour anyway. All VERY yawn inspiring...

Take a look at these snaps of music and celebrity stylist Richard Shoyemi: does he looks like a slave? A fashion clone? Have you seen a thousand people walking down the street with this look?.. Didn't think so. And yet he's rocking so many current and forward-facing trends in his look, its difficult to know where to start... biking mits, studs (ideally giant and square), sequins, chalky colours, 80s details (zips borrowed from bondage trousers), chain jewelery, Doc Martens...

The reason I keep up to speed with fashion trends is not to ape looks I see in magazines but take ideas, mix them up in my own way and experiment with them on my body. In the all-you-can-eat buffet which is our wardrobe, this season's styles are just one counter to pick from. By adding these new ingredients to other basics and our own perennial favourites it gives the overall meal a fresh flavour. When I took these photos on the day of the RCA MA graduation show, Richard took the current trends and put them through his own personal mixing desk, scratched them up and delivered a remix which is pure Richard Shoyemi. For me, this is the work of a stylist at the top of their game and something I suggest those trend cynics should take some precious inspiration from.

Richard's My Space

More reports from MAW at Bitching and Junk Food soon...

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  1. Nice post! Let that be an inspiration to all those style-less saps...

    btw, isn't that Lyall Hakaria, Mr Vogue Fabrics? And if I'm not mistaken I spot fashionistas Daniel Lismore and Henry Conway too?!

    Blimey Manaboutworld, you certainly get about...

  2. I literally had just written about Trailer trash and the fingerless gloves....http://tiny.cc/0AQYa

  3. People who criticise fashion for being a monolithic dictum of the style elite get short thrift at my door. - Wicked opener!

  4. Touche', MAW! I like the way you think!

  5. none of these seem to be from the cat and mutton last weekend? lots of love, girl in yellow shorts.

  6. Shots were nice Gabriella, thanks for posing and following! They're on the slate, waiting to be sliced and diced...

    Thanks SoStylistic! Cheers Wendy!

  7. Cant say anything more, but you are Gods great gift to the fashion world