Thursday, 2 July 2009

Women's fashion: A New Hope

In response to my recent blog entry about the excitement around men's fashion and the moans about Women's fashion, many of my friends asked when will we see Women's fashion take off again. Will things ever feel exciting and new again or are we bound to a future of tedious revival and uninspired retro looks?

My answer? 'Ask not what fashion can do for you but what you can do for fashion.' Don't wait for cues from the catwalk or magazines before getting creative and experimenting with new looks. If we are in a time of creative lull, seize the opportunity and use it to out-shine your sisters by being avant-garde! The lady pictured here at the Caligula opening party a few weeks ago is tipping her hat to a few current trends like the Japanese and especially Comme de Garcons-inspired black layering/draping and the stocking/semi-leggings. But, like Richard Shoyemi in my previous post, she adds so much of her own character, largely through the drama of accessories like her cropped leather gloves and monochrome feathered hat, that her look is full of hope of a new fashion direction not mourning over the current supposed lull.

Just as I applaud men who take advantage of the tradition for safe menswear by sticking two fingers up at it and pushing the expected, right now I'd love to see fewer women moaning about the state of their fashion and trailblazing new looks which are there for the taking. This isn't the worst time for women's fashion, this is the best time. If you're bored with the looks 'on offer' reject them, create your own avant-garde and bask in the glory of the spotlight that will shine on you.

Japanese black draping trend as shown by stylist with Eton Group, Hiro (above) and 2nd year LCF student, Tomi

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