Thursday, 11 June 2009

RCA and Graduate Fashion Week Trend Report: Galliano, We Heart You!

A quick reax photo trend report on the enduring influence of John Galliano on British fashion students. Photos taken at Graduate Fashion shows at GFW and today's RCA.

Above: Simon Shilton (RCA); Below: Luis Lopez-Smith (RCA)

Above: Raine Hodgson (Edinburgh College of Art); Below: Jason Mui (Nottingham Trent University School of Art and Design)

Above: Charlotte Ross (RCA); Below: Faraz Hussain (Manchester Mentropolitan University)

Above: Jennifer Worthington (University of Central Lancashire); Below: Hannah Earnshaw (Northumbria University)

On the slate...

More fashion trend reports from GFW and Royal College of Art MA Fashion Graduation Shows


  1. some of them reminds me of tribal warrior, very nice

  2. Long live Galliano. His men's just get better and better. Howzabout something on the influence of Dame Vivienne Westwood?

  3. Thanks...

    Westwood's influence just never stops. It bubbles under in the background and resurfaces in the most amazing, organic ways. Definitely more on her soon and always...