Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Man About World at Graduate Fashion Week 2009. Trendspotting: Gimp masks and Balaclavas from the Club to the Catwalk

Above: University of Salford student Gemma Clements head-to-toe Liberty prints left me breathless. I loved the S'n'M gimp aesthetic contrasted with the feminine floral and tailoring references and think it woild look great in other prints too.

Below: Hannah Taylor closed Ravensbourne's show with whoops of joy from all sides of the audience. Her playful, WL&T referenced knitwear combined the balaclava trend with another common theme: extra long sweaters and over-sizing.

Above: Sally Ellis (Salford) created more juxtapositions of eroticism with the traditional in her use of lace but I was really excited by the use of headgear with Islamic styled scarves and contrasting lace masks.

Below: Nottingham Trent University graduate Sophia Bentley Tongue grabs her entirely black collection by the balls and gives it the Soho gimp effect

Below: The look's already in the clubs...I snapped Ferrel wearing this intricate lace at the Welcome to the Downlow fundraiser after party at The Joiners Arms two weeks ago...

On the slate...

More trend forecasting from the ramp and the street

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