Wednesday, 10 June 2009

'I'm not crazy, I just like wearing straight-jackets' MAW at Graduate Fashion Week 2009. Trend forecast: Back-to-front tops and rear buttoning

Over-length knitwear from Catherine Duncan (Manchester Metropolitan University School of Art) is a perfect example of the back-to-front knitwear trend.

Salford student Rebecca Cottrell's hooded men's coat is open back and front.

Below: Mehmet Ali's mature collection was a highlight of the Ravensbourne show. It offered a cohesive aesthetic lacking in many graduates and the cuts were interesting and fresh while having commercial appeal. Note the over-length rear buttoned cardy.

Below: Off the runway: Buenos Aires based model Naomi shows off her transformable back-to-front cardy by her co-patriot designer Jessica Trosman .

On the slate...

More trend predictions from cool kids at Graduate Fashion Week, the Royal College of Art Fashion Show and the streets of London


  1. We've seen double breasted, now the double-fronted jacket. Like it!

  2. TheSgViewWMsLim:

    I love the colours of the 'Over-length knitwear from Catherine Duncan'!!

    Re 'open back and front coat', i've seen sportsjacket with detachable zips from the hood up right down to the end of the jacket and you can even mix it with another of the same that has a different print, and you will get a unique one of a kind design/pattern.