Sunday, 8 March 2009

Junky Styling Show London Feb 09...Women's purple coat

This is one of the most striking women's pieces from the show: a wool and velvet dress which I think was recycled from a dress (the velvet section) and a women's coat. It was last seen in the window of the store but it's probably sold by now, despite the fact that it's a winter coat and this is March...One of the great things about Junky's gear is that it can usually be worn for several years without too much risk of looking out of fashion. Thanks largely to Junky doing what they do so well, re-cut vintage has really taken off in London in the last couple of years, enabling them to raise their prices and other less experienced designers to sell their own watered down version of the look, often as close as around the corner in Brick Lane's Upmarket and Spitalfields every Sunday. But thanks to Junky's years of experience of creating cleverly recycled cuts, their quality usually shines through and items are put together in an intelligent way that surpasses the trend of the moment or sometimes (eg in their men's hooded blazers) creates it's own trend. What does all this mean? That you can buy next winter's coat in March safe in the knowledge that it'll look just as good when the cold weather returns.

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