Saturday, 21 March 2009

Geffrye Museum Takeoever starring Central St Martins 1st year students

Wondering through the Geffrye Museum the other day I came across a group of rather fashionable young ladies who's photos I wanted to take for MAW. I decided I'd pluck up the courage to ask them after seeing the rest of the exhibition. On returning through the museum, I came across them again but this time they were themsleves in full shooting flow all photographing one of them who had got dressed up. Turns out they were 1st year Central St Martins Fashion and Jewelry students recording some of their own coursework. I got their
permission to hijack their shoot...

The two-sided design of the wedding dress reminds me of Vivienne Westwood's amazing 1992 Watteau wedding gown: This was the highlight of the V&A organized Westwood exhibition which opened at the V&A a few years ago and traveled the world before closing in Sheffield last summer. But the fitted body, shorter length and traditional ivory silk obviously give it a completely different feel. I liked the mummy-esque strapping and overlength single arm too - they reminded me of the favourite sweater from Junky I mentioned in a previous blog. There's definitely something that makes one feel sexy when wearing a tightly fitted overlength arm...Not sure what to make of the sea of pearls neck furniture. What do you think? Is this an outfit to get married in?


  1. Nice photography! Esp the detail shots. I don't think the jewelry goes with the dress. But I imagine that the neck gear and cuff might go well with a very simple bias cut sheath, something with little or no other detail other than perhaps a contrasting colour. It might also work with a very simple strapless column dress. As far as imagining oneself in either of these designs for one's wedding, I would go with the jewels. Though the one puffed sleeve (hate the sheer floppy one) and bodice are rather interesting, the frayed ends and deconstructed train look tatty as if they were an afterthought. This dress would have been much cleaner, chicer and more expensive looking (not to mention more functional) if you got rid of all the little hangy bits, finished the bottom beautifully just above the knee, and made both sleeves like the long ur-Victorian one. Then I would totally wear it for an autumn wedding.

  2. The SG view with Ms Lim24 March 2009 at 13:04

    the sea of pearls neck furniture has dual functions, no? First, it's aesthetically pleasing and it also works like a 'jeweled' scarf! very clever indeed!

    Overall effect is stunning and totally not mainstream (read: not boring). Edgy yet princess-like. I love it and I would wear this at my wedding (if i ever made it down the aisle)

  3. Reply to Wendy...

    Yes, see what you mean about the frayed edge and train looking like an afterthought. I like the idea but I think the fact that it's not 100% successful here shows there's more to the deconstructed look than simply putting some fabric through a paper shredder!