Sunday, 22 March 2009

Irish lads loafing in Hoxton

I found these three handsome young Irish chaps lounging in Hoxton Square last week. When I asked them what they were planning on doing with the rest of the day they replied: 'Just hang around and get stoned'. Luckily for me they put their tight looks together before their day disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

I saw the guys on the left and instantly wanted to snap them as they're sporting a look I'm really enjoying at the moment: close fitting checked shirts (they've stuck around since Brokeback Mountain) or utilitarian tops, cropped or rolled up low-rise skinnies and loafers , deck shoes or dsitressed Oxfords (last year these were more likely to be brogues). Their hair completes the look: a good 3 to 5 inches kept easy and wavy with wet-look gel on top and close back and sides. The whole appearance is 50s inspired and goes well with the smoking, drinking, rebel without a cause vibe but beer guts are best avoided: this look really requires a gamin shape to carry it off successfully. The most exciting thing for me is the way the trend crosses sexuality and gender lines. Seeing a guy walk down the street sporting this look is no indication of where he gets his sexual kicks and looks equally hot on twenty something girls too, Aggy being a pretty good example.

On the slate...


  1. Nice hair (guys on the left). Is that one in the middle wearing a vest underneath his top?

  2. When do we get to see more of that new romantic guys with the scarf 'on the slate'? What clothes is it he's wearing?

  3. Hi,

    Do you have the pictures made at Mooch on Saturday?


  4. Reply to Johann and Constantin:

    Yes, shots from Mooch party 21/3 to follow. Look out for the report on Men's leggings and on New Romantics.

  5. Reply to top anonymous:

    Yeah, that's a vest under his white top. Guess it was keeping the Spring breeze off. But I also thought it went well with the look in a 50s geek kinda way.

  6. I would definitely agree about Man About Worlds musings on ladies in their 20's loving in essence what I believe is being described as the metrosexual man. I love a well groomed guy that I do not need to take shopping!

    However I am so over the whole chequered shirt thing. How long is that craze going to be around for?! Frankly I find it dull and a bit predictable. Not sure about the hair either. Too long :-/