Friday, 20 March 2009

East London's gets ready for Michael Mania

With out-of-date posters around the London Underground still advertising Michael Jackson’s originally modest project of 10 farewell concerts (these have now increased to 50 gigs, all of which sold out within hours of going on sale), London is bracing itself for Jacko fever once again. Not all the side-effects are positive: on BBC’s ‘I’ve never seen Star Wars’ tonight, viewers had to endure the excruciating results of a white haired newsreader (John Humphreys) being taught to moonwalk by show host Marcus Brigstocke.

In fashion, this Jacko revival does of course fit into the wider craze for all things 1980s. The 80s was, after all Jackson’s most successful decade seeing the release of his and, at the time, the world’s two biggest selling albums. Anyway…back to our Brick Lane bad guy: we’ve got a campification of the look sported by Michael on the cover of his late 80’s album Bad. The camp levels are hyped up through putting the whole look through a gold and silver filter, adding a fake pearl-laden bolero and leggings over which he’s wearing those leg warmers and micro skirt. So it’s primarily through borrowing these styles more normally associated with the early 80s that Brick Lane Michael has camped up his late 80s core ensemble.


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog! It's you to a tee.

    Wonder how many people have the pleasure of knowing that...

    Lotsa love


  2. Nice post. I'm now inspired to recreate that outfit for my kid. After rocking out to The Jackson Five as well as much of the "Off the Wall" album on my iPod, M, whilst staring intently at Jacko's mug on the album cover, solemnly declared, "I yuuuuv Michael Jackson, Mommy!" I think the fabulosity of the metallic leggings plus micro mini and leg warmers will go down a treat at Village Kids Nursery, though best to probably avoid the fake pearls, lest they end up ingested.

    Big fan of the blog. Keep 'em comin'!


  3. Shoulder pads, cropped trousers, c'mon motherf***er!