Sunday, 27 September 2009

Trend report: Accessorageous...Womens Hats

Above: Little Shilpa! I finally got to check out her one-off pieces at the LFW showrooms. I was blown away by the exciting cultural references with inspiration taken from anything and everything. A full pret-a-porter collection of unisex accessories is also available. Contact Blow PR for details.

Women fighting back: the story so far...

As I've mentioned here before, a lot of people have spent the last 9 months complaining that womenswear is not as exciting as menswear this year. Now it seems people designing women's clothes are coming to a consensus that the best way to fight back and create interest is through exciting accessories.

As men borrow more and more from womenswear - the long dress-shape knits form many designers but best executed by Rick Owens this season, Topman's long-awaited expansion which has allowed them to begin to appeal to the more experimental among us, the creatives behind women's fashion and the girls themselves are grabbing extreme accessories as totem protectors of the femininity. This is the second of three posts, from material shot during London Fashion Week and before, focusing on specific women's accessories trends which I'm excited about right now.


Something tells me we'll see more and more women wearing hats over the coming seasons. It's another territory currently under-explored by the men and I reckon women and the creatives behind women's fashion will seize on this fact to differentiate them from the blokes wearing women's jackets and guyliner.

Above and below: more out-of-the box headgear from Little Shilpa

Above and below: J Smith Esq's bespoke millinery designs, showing at Somerset house, represented by Blow and produced in Soho, London. Inspired by shipwrecked bodies and washed up treasures, the naturally toned collection makes a heavy use of rope, feathers and shells.

Below: Hat designer and author of the book Fashion Fabulous London, Tracy Rose, shows off one of her own designs. Each she impressed with another extravagant creation.

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  1. Lovin' the J Smith Esq pieces. Thanks for showing me their gear.