Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Scarlett Etienne with a bit of help from Peter Breen and Alexander McQueen

When Scarlett Etienne burst onto the catwalk at Ziad Ghanem's hotly awaited and extremely buzzy show, she excited the crowd in a way that gave the designer's colourful prints and wacky, spiky cut denim a real run for its money. Up till then the mood had been pretty sombre: the models expressionless speed-walks contrasting heavily with the drama of the clothes. But as soon as she appeared Scarlett's magnetic energy shook up the whole audience, waking them from their blase slumber and sending a bolt of lightening through the room!

So I was really glad to bump into her tonight at Stavros Kar's shop, Digitaria's drinks party hosted by Johnny Blueeyes. Without realising this was the live wire I'd seen strut down the ramp a couple of days before and no idea who she was yet a great deal of respect for her outfit I asked her for a few shots. Not only did she let me pap her but we popped across the street and ended up spending the next 15 minutes comparing fashion week notes, our love for McQueen's Faithful line and realising that we were practically old friends having met under slightly more sordid circumstances a few months back at a Japanese bondage festival in Bethnal Green's Resistance Galleries.

Scarlett explained that she's been spinning electro pop/techno disks for 9 or so years now as well as playing live gigs. I'll definitely be campaigning my local MP/promoter mates to get her some slots at my favourite hangouts as soon as possible... But when it comes to style she claims she'd be nothing with Hackney Wick based stylist Peter Breen.

Above: Scarlett out partying in McQueen and chatting with me at the Digitaria store party tonight on Berwick Street.

Below: The gloves and boots, both from McQueen's faithful collection.

Above: First impressions...Scarlett at our first brief encounter at Resistance Galleries Hentai Festival

Below: Gimme the bag've got far to may already...

Above: OK, so the streets of Soho are dark are Scarlett's/McQueen's Faithful booties in CU.

Below: As I've previously blogged, I love two-in-ones and all convertible clothing right now. So my personal favourite item from the Faithful collection is this clutch with Scarlett's bike glove integrated. FIERCE! And ManAboutWorld's only ever forked out more than £1,000 for a bag with skulls on it...enough said.

Below: Scarlett's stylist Peter doesn't let the side down either. The first time I met him was at a New year's Eve party about 5 years ago. Then he was wearing a rubber duck in his hair. These days he usually keeps things more monochrome...


Scarlette Etienne

Alexander McQueen Faithful


Peter Breen

Resistance Gallery

On the slate...more from London Fashion Week


  1. Yes, she's most hot. Love the Faithful booties too!

  2. She sure knows how to work it. Who's that guy/girl with coloured hair that's 'on the slate'?

  3. Don't forget that she's wearing Zoe and Morgan Jewels from the new collection in that head-to-to McQueen look!

  4. Scarlett's Facebook Fans Page:

  5. Who's the girl in the black dress... love the detail.

  6. Girl in black? Why, that's new-girl-in-town Jessica Dellasposia. She's a stylist and fashion journo and in the pic she's sporting a hot Christopher Kane number. It was shot last night at the Jeremy Scott after party in Mahiki.

    In case you're wondering the other two are (bottom left) Vivienne Westwood ambassador and model Lady Lloyd, performer Scottee (top right) and those shoes are from next summer's collection by the amazingly talented ex-Henry Holland collaborator Atalanta Weller.

  7. Wow, love the McQueen booties. Think the biker look's gonna grow and grow.