Saturday, 9 January 2010

Man About Berlin: Cocktail d'Amore

Around this time I often head South: TV shoots or pleasure trips usually take me down to the Mediterranean where you get a couple more hours of sunlight and a few degrees warmer for your buck. But this winter I've been getting familiar with the cold streets of Northern Europe, spending weeks in Leipzig, Vienna and Berlin.

Obviously these cities are freezing this time of year...I was prepared for that: I had my thick wool Dries van Noten trousers that are far too warm for a normal winter in London packed in my carry on and even dug out my secret weapon long johns. But nothing could have prepared me for the deserted streets that would face me in each place. Where was everyone? The restaurants and bars were dead, often appearing to have been closed since the summer and there didn't even seem to be much of a light emanating from people's home windows...

The puzzle was part-solved one night when I was dragged around a few of Berlin's more raw nightspots by a new friend who seemed to know where to find the buzz. Armed with his mobile of contacts we set off and club hopped from one speakeasy to the next. We strode down the most unlikely of dark streets and knocked on doors with the most subtle of signs - just enough to tell those in the know that they'd found the right door without giving the game away to unwelcome visitors.

My pick on that cold night in Berlin was Cocktail D'Amore, a monthly party, celebrating it's 3rd happening. It was rammed to it's light industrial rafters with a familiar polysexual crowd of moustached marys and out-there girls getting down to retro electro and wholesome techno. This delightful German cocktail is mixed by Berlin regular Boris together with Discodromo's Giaccomo and Giovanni. Venue trends change in Berlin at least as quick as anywhere else in Europe and not long there'll be another night taking it's mantle. But for now this place gets my money and I thoroughly recommend you track it down if you're in the German capital this Spring.

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  1. Went to one of these parties last month. Great crowd and music. Still looking for a more fashion-lead night over here though. Looking foward to your fashion week posts Man About World. Where you going?

  2. like a less fashion led crowd that´s why i like this party

  3. whos the hot guy in a black tank ?

  4. Haha! The 'hot guy in the black tank' was my guide for the night...