Thursday, 15 October 2009

Ain't no party like a Westwood party... Westwood Vs Westwood/London Vs Paris

OK, so it may seem a little unfair to compare what was essentially a staff party bolted onto a small Parisian club night with a full-on rave in the generously sponsored Red Bull sorting office with free bar for hundreds of press, mates and blaggers (above), a little light-hearted competition is always fun in my book... So I thought it would be a good idea to compare the shots I took at the respective after-show parties that brand Vivienne Westwood threw this season following her Red Label and Gold Label shows in London and Paris respectively.

Who’s got more style? You decide…

You're SO cool London!

All photos taken at Vivienne Westwood Red Label after party, Red Bull space, September 20th

Above: the ever-creative Dan Lismore goes ethnic.
Below: Breakdance candy bar.

Above: London, Paris, New York...Berlin. This type androgynous look is hot everywhere right now.
Below: Performer Masumi Tipsy Saito in slinky 40s chic with slimline hat and fur shrug.

Above and Below (M from Bitching and Junkfood) : Hair you like London you don't have to be a floozy to like a good shag these days.

Above: A reveller in Comme des Garcons short culottes. Hot last season, bigger next...
Below: It's a Westwood party! Didn't they get the message? ManAboutWorld and another Galliano fan remind everyone that Westwood's not the only British designer to keep coming back to the man's skirt.

Tu est TROP chic Paris!

All photos taken at ChaCha club Friday 2nd October during the Vivinne Westwood Gold Label after show party.

Above: A Parisian party-goer toes the Westwood part line.
Below: an Italian friend sports his trademark intelectual thanks to much help from Comme.

Above: French guy funks it up with drop crotch pants and on trend double belting
Below: Sleek jerseys given some edge with a navy hat.

Above: Westwood intern Sharlene sports her maitre's tights and a vanity bag that gave me some serious envy.
Below: Vacationer from Oz, Mitch sports a contrasting plaid kilt and cream leggings. Inspired...

Above: Not a look you see everyday in Paris. Love the dressed down guard's jacket and navy hat (again...).
Below: Layers of black, studs and tassel shoulder detail. Tres now...

On the slate...Paris street fashion and more cool stuff from my walk around the showrooms...


  1. Paris wins! No comparison...

  2. Paris rocks, even if i'm not there.

  3. where is the red air bunny and her silver boyfriend? :(

  4. oh, i remember you took a picture of us,
    do you still have it?

    xxx horst

  5. Thanks for the photos people. Unfortunately my hard drive wiped most of my photos after PFW so that's your lot from those nights!

    Dig your blog Lynn and Horst.