Thursday, 23 April 2009

Man About World at Alternative Fashion Week, Spitalfields Day 4 in pictures

My pick of the day: Rosie Borcott-Brown's collection is original, wearable and highly humorous.

Check out the cotton bobbins left in the back of the top on left and the knitting bag incorporated into the dress on the left! Centre: model Eunice carries the gorgeous knitwear with buckets of style

Xia Sonia Xiao's leggings dependent collection featured some great abstract prints

Above: Croatian based Zoran Aragovic puts men in tights and pops a trip down everyone's neck with his colourful printed gear

From top left: Hayley Trezise's Raggedy collection makes recycled fabrics sumptuous, Cherrie Camplin's dramatic costumes and Natalie Robert sexes up Catholic collars

Stay tuned for more from MAW @AFW...

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  1. Love, love, love Rosie Borcott-Brown's crazy knit and sewing themed designs. You know where I can get them from?