Monday, 23 February 2009

Maaike Mekking London Off schedule Sept 08

Attending Maaike Mekking's off-schedule show in a room above Beach Blanket Babylon was a fun in fairly uneventful evening. I was most interested in the striking black circle make-up which gave a dehumanising effect from the front and a more feline feel in profile. Take a look also at the cream trousers. At first I thought they were just Maike's take on the low crotch/hareem pant obsession. But actually they're Thai fisherman's trousers making another comeback. The last time they surfaced was about 4 years ago, but like so may fashions that never quite made it to the 'so ubiquitous we're all sick now' stage, they're back once more demanding their own place in baggy-crotch-trouser history.

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